FreeNAS VM – EFI Booting

Recently I updated my FreeNAS installation to the latest version. This now supports VMs. I installed a Centos VM to run a CrashPlan backup service. However, I noticed that the VM always went back to the EFI boot menus when it rebooted – not much use…

I found the following solution –

Using the original install CD I used the ‘Rescue’ option to boot my installed version. I then used chroot /mnt/sysimage to get to the installed files.

You then need to make some changes to the EFI boot file locations

After this everything should boot fine – however, make sure you update the CDROM device to remove the .iso file – if not, the VM will constantly boot into the setup CD! If you have issues with deleting the entry to the .iso image, just create a zero length file, call it ’empty.iso’ and point the device to that.