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motionEye – Turn off the LEDs

By default the /root filesystem is mounted Read Only to protect against corruption. In order to edit files you need to mount it RW first. The procedure below contains all the steps to remount as RW, edit your LED settings and then remount as RO once again.

Mount as RW

Edit /boot/config.txt

Remount as RO

All done.

Raspbian Jessie Lite – Enable ssh when headless

The Raspbian Jessie Lite image is shipped as default with ssh disabled. This is a bit of a pain if you plan to use your Raspberry Pi headless straight out of the box.

Fortunately it is easy to get round this and enable ssh on the SD Card as you create the image.

Just create an empty file called ssh and copy it to the boot partition of the flash card.

To create an empty file in windows, use the following from the command prompt