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New Servo Driver

After testing  with various Masturbator servo drivers I came across this blog by ‘arvid’ – it’s designed for controlling 20 servos. This is too many for Another my requirements, and, it also means that pin 2 gets used up by a servo – no good as I need pin 2 for the DCC interface. However, after a quick note to ‘arvid’ he came back with a suggestion to help modify the code for my use. I’ll report back as I go on with the testing.

What’s this all about?

Well, some time ago I came across a number of DCC Accessory modules on the market  designed to use simple servo motors wholesale nfl jerseys to control model railway points. After having a wholesale mlb jerseys look at one of the cheap nfl jerseys products and then discovering what the price was I decided to see if I could build something a little more economical and in reach of services the pockets of more modellers.

The system I have been working on is based on a small micro processor solution using ready made modules – Arduino. This means that it requires very little in the way of soldering skills in order to put together a working unit. The only part that really requires some soldering is the actual module that converts the DCC track voltage & signal into a 5v logic signal that the micro processor can a use.

This blog contains my Wolgyesu notes as I develop this solution so that others may cheap mlb jerseys benefit from my efforts.

Feel free to contact Genetics me via this site if you have any cheap jerseys specific questions.